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Spending the day in Running Paws Athletic Club's All Day Play your dog will have a fun activity filled day. We interact with and care for your dog as if he or she was our own (in fact our dogs are in the same program!)

We separate dogs based on a number of factors including  temperament, disposition, and energy level, not simply size.  Your dog will spend the day playing in our huge run, relaxing in our no-cage rest area, hit the treadmill or jog the East River (if you so decide).

A Day at the Club

In our care, your dog will play in our over-sized run while being supervised at all times.   While attending All Day Play your dog can go for a jog along the East River if you choose to burn off any extra energy.  Additionally, your dog can take advantage of our fast track training sessions or get groomed at the Sedona Dog Spa located conveniently within the club.

Doggie Teams

We've met a lot of small dogs with big-dog mentality and vice-versa, which is why we separate our dogs into "teams" based on their temperament and play-style, along with their size. With constant supervision, we make sure dogs are comfortable and secure within their group, big and small alike.

All Day Play is between 7:00am - 8:30pm Monday thru Friday and 8:30am - 6:30pm Saturday and Sunday.

Dogs picked up after 8:30pm M-F and between 6:30pm on Saturday and Sunday will be charged a $10 extended play fee.

Dogs that aren't picked up by 9:00pm M-F and 7:00pm on Saturday & Sunday will be required to spend the night at the club and will be billed accordingly.

In order to keep all dogs, as well as our staff and resources, safe and healthy our guidelines must be strictly followed. Please carefully review our policies.


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